Program Topics


Unmanned Systems— Defense. Protection. Security. will gather managers, decision makers and technology experts for the most comprehensive military- and government-focused event in the unmanned systems industry.

Hear and learn directly from decision makers and customers on key topics, including counter-UAS, innovation, investment, and sustainment, as we answer the most pressing questions facing our industry.


Counter-UAS: How are defense leaders, government officials and law enforcement mitigating and responding to UAS threats?

  • What are the potential threats to be considered, at home and abroad?
  • What are the latest advancements in counter-UAS technology and solutions?
  • How can AI aid in better binary decision making?

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Innovation: How are the Department of Defense and other government agencies preparing for tomorrow's threats? 

  • How are we using, protecting and maximizing artificial intelligence and machine learning for defense applications?
  • Will emerging applications such as teaming and swarming improve warfare? What challenges must be addressed?
  • What are the DOD and U.S. Government doing to improve technology development and capitalize on commercial industry?
  • What are the key technology areas of most significance to decision makers, and how can the unmanned systems industry take advantage?

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Investment: How and where organizations are spending?

  • What are the defense and security spending trends and impacts on the unmanned industry?
  • How are DOD technology acquisition strategies changing and what is the way forward?
  • What are the near-term opportunities for industry participation?

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Sustainment: What are the emerging opportunities in training, logistics, resupply and maintenance?

  • How is the DOD sustaining the force through education and training?
  • How are unmanned systems being used to support operational logistics?
  • What opportunities are available to support unmanned systems maintenance and retrofit?

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public safety

Public Safety: How are defense leaders, homeland security professionals, law enforcement and industry experts using drones?

  • How are agencies and organizations are using drones for safety?
  • How are organizations handling cyber threats associated with UAS implementation?
  • What caused the explosion of public safety UAS?

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These are a small sample of the topics that will be addressed at Unmanned Systems— Defense. Protection. Security. Visit the Agenda page for details!