Phase III Speakers

  • Major General Heather Pringle
    Air Force Research Laboratory
  • Paul Mann
    Chief Systems Engineer, Office of the DASN RDT&E
    U.S. Navy
  • Michael Stewart
    Deputy Director, Integrated Warfare (N9IB), Unmanned Task Force Lead
    U.S. Navy
  • Dr. Timothy Chung
    "Program Manager, Tactical Technology Office
  • Marie Bussiere
    Digital Transformation Executive, Naval Undersea Warfare Center Division, Newport
    U.S. Navy
  • Dorothy Engelhardt
    Director, Unmanned Systems, DASN Ships
    U.S. Navy
  • Dyan Gibbens
    Acting CTO and Strategic Advisor
    AFWERX and SpaceWERX
  • LTC Brian "Trend" Holt
    Space Prime Lead
  • David Klein
    Research Analyst
  • Kevin Mills
    Associate Director, Ground Vehicle Robotics
    U.S. Army
  • Commander Thomas McDermott
    Military Deputy for AI/ML/Autonomous Unmanned Systems for Project Overmatch
    U.S. Navy
  • Gabe Mounce
    Deputy Director
  • LTC Chris Orlowski
    Product Manager, Robotic Combat Vehicles
    Program Executive Office, Ground Combat Systems, U.S. Army
  • Captian Pete Small
    PEO, Unmanned and Small Combatants, PMS-406
    U.S. Navy
  • Dr. Jason Stack
    Technical Director, Office of Naval Research
    U.S. Navy
  • Michael Wilbur
    Director of Engagement
  • Brian Wynne
    President & CEO
  • Dr. Stuart Young
    Program Manager, Tactical Technology Office